CRC-RPS aims to provide a user-friendly web server for predicting colorectal cancer risk.

In CRC-RPS, users can:

Estimate the 5-year Absolute Risk of colorectal cancer:
When the user enters sex, age, lifestyle factors and genome-wide genotypes, the 5-year Absolute Risk can be predicted, to evaluate whether the user is at high risk of developing colorectal cancer.


Risk stratification for colorectal cancer via polygenic risk score and lifestyle: a large-scale association study of East Asian and European populations.

Data release:

Download Posterior SNP effect size estimates for the EAS-EUR PRS of colorectal cancer


We are welcoming any technical issues and comments to improve the database utilizability, the e-mail address is as follows:
E-mail: Meilin Wang ( ) or Junyi Xin ( )
Department of Environmental Genomics (PIs: Prof. Zhengdong Zhang and Meilin Wang)
School of Public Health, Nanjing Medical University
101 Longmian Avenue, Nanjing 211166, Nanjing, China